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At Synol, the primary mode of delivery is employing bunkers. With our network of global offices, we consistently transport and distribute high-quality petroleum products and services to our valued customers. With the mode of transportation that we work with, the economic benefits are limitless. Other than being a cheap alternative to transporting petroleum goods, they are also a very convenient option when considering emergency deliveries. This is the main reason why our customers trust us with their emergency petroleum needs. With a global reach that we cherish and the trusted contractors that we have partnered with, we are proud to be part of a network of regional carriers. This allows us to optimize our delivery routes, helping us to meet the customers’ requirements promptly.



With plenty of years of experience that we have under our belt, Synol is proud of the international presence that we have made in a relatively short period of time. Not only have we developed a worldwide network of offices to ensure a global delivery, but we have also excelled in the marine fuels industry. With a highly motivated trading team and a thoroughly dedicated in-house technical support staff, we are gratified to supply bunkers across international borders. Our accumulated knowledge in trading of petroleum commodities combined with an extensive background that we cherish, allows us to procure excellent relationships with our suppliers and customers!



At Synol, it is not just our extensive experience and thorough understanding of petroleum distribution services that allow dealing with highly complex bunkering operations. Instead, it is our widespread presence and state-of-the-art technical support combined with an international presence that helps us in exceeding our customers’ expectations. Not only do we offer logistical and organizational flexibility, but we also excel in providing bespoke financial solutions when it comes to the distribution of petroleum goods. With our dedicated and experienced team of experts in bunkering and petroleum transportation, we stay committed to continually meeting and exceeding regulatory obligations. This allows us to suffice our customers with tailored service that are specifically designed to suit their needs. It matters not if you have contractual or spot-demand requirements to take care of, Synol’s bunkering services is certain to have you all covered! When it comes to superior bunkering services, following are the traits we consider as our strength:

  • Widespread operational flexibility.
  • 24/7 service.
  • Highly competitive prices.


Being an experienced fuel distributor and supplier across UAE, we, at Synol, are always aimed at providing our customers with round-the-clock, personalized service that they can count on. The experts that we have onboard are readily available to cater to your fuel distribution queries. Not only that, but they are also rigorously trained to certify the fact that fuel reaches its destination on time and without an issue. With the quality services that we have been providing to our customers, it comes to us as no surprise that our clientele includes a multitude of companies that are spread across diverse industries. It doesn’t matter what your petroleum needs are, with Synol at your back, be sure that there is someone who is working tirelessly to ensure that your needs are being catered to quickly and cost-effectively!


Base Oil

We are home to distributing industrial lubricants and greases of all kinds. We take great pride in distributing to our prevalent, industrial clientele, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Being a renowned lubricant distributor, Synol transports lubrication products like Base Oils at the most competitive prices.


Furnace Oil

Being one of the most prevalent petroleum distributors across the region, Synol takes great pride in meeting substantial market demands. We offer the premium quality of Furnace Oil available in the market. Our state-of-the-art Furnace Oil is readily used for various industrial processes like combustion and burning of industrial materials. We procure premium Furnace Oil from trusted allies to ensure optimal quality and compliance with the industrial criteria.